+Design Style

$560 CAD


  • Knowing exactly what to buy and what to do

This PLUS service is designed to help you put the finishing touches in place.

By the end of a design project, most home owners are tired. They just want to relax and enjoy their new surroundings. This service will help erase those last stressors and ease you into the joy of living in a well designed home.

At the end of your project, we'll meet to review your decor accessories to see what will work in the new design and where. We'll also create a shopping list to fill in the gaps. You can either send me out shopping, we can go together (see Let's Go Shopping!), or you can shop with your list in hand. We'll meet again to put everything in its place.

Client testimonial "Deborah has been with us all the way, guiding us in everything from paint, tile, countertops, furniture, accessories, to lighting. She is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but at the same time respectful of our needs and preferences.

Deborah is expert at many different facets of decorating, but we are particularly awed at her instinctive grasp of what we really want, even when we hadn't quite recognized it yet ourselves. Deborah is a master at using her time efficiently, and we were impressed at the amount of work she did for us in what amounted to a small number of hours. We highly recommend Deborah for projects both large and small." - Anne & Bob

Costs - No Surprises:

  • Payment, by credit card or E-transfer, in full is required to take delivery of the decor accessories.

  • Items not used, can be returned.

  • A travel charge of 40 cents per kilometer is applied for travel (pre-approved by you) that I do on your behalf. When possible, I pair travel with other clients' travel, so that the cost can be divided between clients.

  • Travel are billed on the 15th and 30th of each month.

  • I share my designer discounts with you.

Working Together

  • It's important that your key decision-maker is involved in the styling process.

  • To get the most from our time together, you'll need to put away your phone, schedule extra time in case we get deep into details, and arrange a babysitter if you have children. It's so important that you are free from distractions during our meetings so that we can communicate well and be certain there is clarity in all we discuss.

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