Colour Work Session

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Wouldn't you love to confidently surround yourself with colours that:

  • work in your spaces,
  • will be on-trend for more than just a year, and
  • you love so much, you want to giggle?

Selecting colours that resonate with you and show off your home to it's ultimate best, takes careful consideration. This is a collaborative work session that is both art and science.

Before this meeting, we'll have already met during our Discovery Call and I'll have reviewed your Design Questionnaire, so we can jump right into our colour selection process.

Colour at Your Fingertips At the end of our colour work session, you'll have a handwritten colour list and the swatches that make up your master palette.

Your master palette is a tailored collection of colours that you'll use to select paint, furnishings, and decor items. You'll have neutrals, accents, lights, mediums, and darks to create a balanced and harmonious flow throughout your home.

Your master palette is the key to the Ferarri. With it in hand, as you're out shopping, you'll confidently and quickly know if an item will look great in your home --- sparing you from analysis-paralysis and time-consuming returns.

Selecting finishes, such as countertops, tile and flooring can be a part of this colour work session, as these items have a major influence on the undertones of your master palette. If you're planning to purchase new finishes, please discuss this with me during our Discovery Call.

Choosing colours is best done in your home where we can work with the colour of your existing finishes and furnishings and the natural and artificial light in your home. If yours is a new build, we can work from finish samples but we may need to arrange to tweak tones in your new home as you get to the painting phase.

Sometimes, circumstances will dictate that it's best to divide our colour work session into two separate appointments. We'll determine this as we work together.

Client testimonial When Laura J. walked into her freshly painted home, she exclaimed, "You had an amazing vision of what my home could be - I knew it could be better, but I never would have gotten to this without you!"


  • It's important that all key decision-makers are present for this meeting.
  • You'll need to bring to this colour work session one or two fabric items that have colours you absolutely love, such as a toss cushion, a dress or a piece of fabric.
  • Inspiration images say a thousand words. To help make best use of our time, please email, in advance, your inspiration photos or have them and any inspiration items ready to share with me at our meeting.
  • If you have questions or points to discuss, please share them with me by email in advance, or have them ready at our meeting.
  • I encourage you to take notes, or audio or video record our work session so you'll be able to refer back.
  • It'll be useful for us to have internet access for my tablet. Please have your password handy. We can delete it from my tablet at the end of our session if you have security concerns.
  • To get the most from our time together, you'll need to put away your phone, schedule extra time in case we get deep into details, and arrange a babysitter if you have children. It's so important that you are free from distractions during our meetings so that we can communicate well and be certain there is clarity in all we discuss.

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Price includes HST. A travel charge may apply.