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Designer-Directed Project

Transform your design dream into a design plan.

Every Designer-Directed Project has four phases. However, the objectives and content of each phase is completely custom tailored for you.

Your design project is completely unique, so we'll begin by digging deep into identifying and sorting through your design goals and how they relate to your home, design tastes, budget, expectations, and lifestyle. That’s what PHASE ONE: DISCOVERY AND CONCEPT, is all about. It's covered under your $680 fee, and it looks like this:

  • Gathering of details through initial phone conversation, design questionnaire, inspiration photos, site photos and existing drawings, and our 2.5 hour Concept Work Session.

  • After our work session, we may ask you for a couple of photos and dimensions and you will likely have a bit of homework to complete.

  • Within a few days, we’ll meet (usually by video chat) for a 30 minute Concept Check-In Session to ensure we’re headed in the right direction.

  • Shortly afterwards, we’ll meet again to present you with the Design Concept, Action Plan and our Quote for design fees to carry forward with your complete project. This is a high level over-view and your presentation will include a few key elements in the form of samples and images. Depending on your project scope, we may include a preliminary budget from our General Contractor.

With your approval, we'll move onto the next phase, where we'll develop your design in great detail….


As we work together in this Design phase, you'll come to understand the hows and whys of all the elements that contribute to accomplishing your design vision. Most everything that you'll touch and see in your newly designed space will be pre-selected by us, so your choices will be easy to make from a small number of best options.

With your choices made, we'll place all orders and coordinate a delivery schedule. You’ll benefit from our designer resources and preferred prices.

We work closely with our General Contractor during this phase to assemble the best trades people for your project and to finalize your budget and timeline.


During the implementation of your project, our role is to provide clarification to you and our General Contractor and to visit your project as needed to ensure everything is being done according to plan.


When the trades people have finished and your deliveries have arrived, we'll be there to style the spaces so everything is picture-perfect. And, together, we’ll celebrate the successful transformation of your design dream into your dream home.

Client testimonial

"Deborah brought a full tool box to our large project: enthusiasm for all details of the design, wealth of experience, efficient organization, patience, humor, ability to gently nudge us away from the ‘usual’ toward greater creativity, and ability to source cost effective solutions.

Deborah listened so carefully, calmly helping us sift through ideas and challenges to find wonderful solutions. She pivoted with great flexibility as some of our priorities, choices and timelines had to change. She has been a great guide and skilled coach." – Lis and Ian Porter


Price includes HST. A travel charge may apply. An admin fee may apply if you're unable to use our online studio


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