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Designer on Call

$250 CAD


  • Questionnaire
  • Fast answers to important questions

Sometimes, it's a quick design answer on the fly. Other times you may need an in-depth work session. Having your interior decorator on call gives you access to answers and advice as you need it.

Here are a few way to benefits from this service:

  • get quick advice by text while you're in a showroom, with your contractor or shopping online
  • meet in your home, at the hardware store, or in a showroom to select and coordinate fittings, furnishings, and finishes
  • style a room or two in your home
  • help you and your carpenter, painter, or contractor find a solution to a design dilemma
  • brainstorm a new project idea

With this service, you have fast answers to important questions from your trusted designer.

To be sure billable time is applied to communicating design solutions, we'll communicate by text, phone, video chat, and/or in person. Please note that communicating by email and providing written Action Plans does use more time and will need to be invoiced.  

This design service starts with a Discover Call and a Design Work Session as we'll need to be well acquainted with your design goals to best advise you.

For a retainer of $250, you'll have access to Deborah's advice from 9am - 7pm Tuesdays to Friday and 1pm - 3pm Saturdays. We appreciate every client's time, so it's our policy to give uninterrupted attention to each client during client meetings. So If we don't respond right away, rest assured we will reply at the first possible moment.

Your retainer will be held and applied to your final invoice when your need for this service comes to an end, and the remainder will be returned to you via e-transfer.

Our time is tracked by the minute (with a five minute minimum per connection) and invoiced twice a month at our hourly rate of $125 per hour. As an example, this Designer on Call service may cost you $60 for all the times you'd need us in one billing period.

Additional services are available to you in this same program. For example, if you need your designer to search for a specific item or do an in-home consultation, our hourly rate of $125 would be applied to your current invoice.

Travel charges may apply

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